Friday, April 4, 2014


Hi all!

Let me introduce myself with this first post. My name is Denis and I live in Croatia. Currently I work as a Librarian in a town near our capitol Zagreb. I have a wife, who has a lot of understanding for my hobby, and a 3-year old girl who already talks more than us both. ;-D

I have tried several 3D modelling tools few years ago (Cinema 4d, 3DS Max and Solidworks) but have never gotten further than few tutorials. The logic behind 3d modelling on a flat screen just seemed a bit strange to me back then, or it must be that I had to grow up a bit for that kind of work.;-)  Then, about a year ago, I have stumbled upon this neat peace of software called Blender. I've watched few tutorials, tried few things, and in two days love was born. I've been blending almost every day ever since. I use only Cycles renderer as I think it's great, produces results comparable to V-Ray IMHO, fairly quick (on decent GPU) and once you get a hang of it it's simple to use, yet can get complicated when you want to create complex materials.

In the meantime I gave it another go with Max, and this time I managed not to delete it right away. So, I hope that in time I'll be proficient with both and that I'll reach a level of quality of those great artist around. Whenever I see some great peace of CG work my hands start to itch and I just want to click, click, click...

Anyway, I hope you'll like my work posted here. I'm always open for some good critique and comments, it can only improve my work. Oh, one more thing. As english is not my native language, please bear with my exceptional lingual and writing skills. :-D


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